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Computers Lower test scores?

As I was checking some articles out on Digg the other night I came across this article from the New York Times, http://nyti.ms/aLiYsx. It is an interesting article about the negative effect computers and laptops have had on students. It discusses programs here and in Romania where students were given laptops (or vouchers). It states that after getting the technology their test scores actually went down.

But is that what really happened? This article does not go far enough. Test scores should not be the only evaluation if the program was a success or not. What about their grades, assignments, heck, their creativity! Yes, the technology may have distracted students from their work, but it may have also taught them other ways to think. The real study should be done in 20-30 years to see what the long term affect was on students. But in this age where we think education is always failing our students, the quick unquestioned study is king.

  1. Mister Reiner
    July 15, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    The following is based on my own observations and not some scientific study. When kids have access to the Internet or play console games, their minds end up focusing on something other than school work. Homework and studying just becomes a task to perform as fast as possible to get it out of the way so the good times can begin. As soon as the mind shifts from academics to Internet/gaming, the academics starts to fade from memory like a bad dream.

    When parents take away the Internet and gaming – or make access contingent on good grades, grades typically improve, but in my opinion, taking the stick and carrot approach is destroying taking academics seriously just for the sake of taking it seriously.

    What we’ll find in 20-30 years from now, is that we screwed up and it’s too late to do anything about it after the fact. LOL

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