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The importance of email…

August 24, 2010 Leave a comment

I remember being a young lad in high school and creating my first Hotmail account.  Note, this is back before Hotmail was owned by Microsoft, and there was much “cooler” at the time.  I maintained that address well into my college years until I forgot the password and could not get the account reset.

Now I maintain three email accounts, a work account, a personal account, and a throw-away account.  Yet this summer as I delved more into different types of social networking (like GetGlue & Twitter), I found myself checking my email less and less.  As the new school year starts I find myself questioning the importance of email.  Couldn’t most important information be passed on via wiki’s? Couldn’t student & parent contact be done via Twitter or the school friendly Edmodo?

It is because of these thoughts I have decided to try and deviate my classroom this year away from email. I am pushing for my building to use Edmodo as the main form of communication with students.  Backchanneling will also become the norm within my classroom using websites like

This will probably take me at least a semester to get the kinks worked out and I am sure weeks of frustration, but I believe this should build a more open and productive classroom.  Please share any experiences you have had with anything I rambled on about or please point at any flaws in my late night thought process!

Light Painting

August 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, this weekend I tried to do some Light Painting.  After fiddling with my digital camera for about an hour and downloading a couple of owner’s manuals, I finally found a way to change my shutter speed.  Surprisingly light painting was not as hard as it seemed.  I created three basic images to see what I could do.  I hope to have some more time later on to create some more interesting photos.  Until then, I have these three great pictures I created in my laundry room (darkest room I could find at the time).  The first and last image were created using a cellphone as a light source, the middle image I used a flashlight.

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