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Middle School vs High School

At a tech committee meeting the other day I stated that I would like to get the Adobe Creative Suite for my classroom in the middle school. Currently I have an outdated verison of PhotoShop Elements that does not prepare students for the high schools computer classes.

I spoke with the high school teacher and he thought it was a great idea. But, at the meeting other members said it was a bad idea because the middle school would have better software then the high school. They felt students may be disgruntled to use an older verison when they reach high school. Needless to say I left disgruntled and a little frustrated.

If I am able to give students a chance to use a program that the vast majorty of students across the US do not, shouldn’t I do it? It should not matter the grade level or what someone else is using. At least if my idea were to be shot down give me a reason besides what may occur. I mean, I may win the lotto this Wednesday and retire with my 63 million dollars!

What are your thought on this? Is it okay for lower grades to have better tech then the upper grades? Or should the best always be reserved for the high school?

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