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Confession of a Photo Story Hater

So the insomnia fairy came and visited me tonight, and I thought, heck, I should make one of those Photo Story things.  I have never used Photo Story before, and just decided to give it a try.  Currently my 7th grade students are working on a project creating Glogs about a European country (I’ll share these next week).  Part of their assignment was to create five audio bites of interesting facts to place on their glog.  I just picked one fact from all the students that have recorded thus far and created a European Photo Story.  

Download now or watch on posterous

Europe.wmv (6443 KB)

I have to admit that before I created this I was kind of a Photo Story hater.  To me it seemed slightly pointless or childish.  I am unsure where these feelings came from, made I was biten by a Photo Story when I was young, who knows.  But after creating this Photo Story I came to the conclusion it is actually kind of cool.  I didn’t realize how much customization you could do and the other neat tweaks with transitions and audio.  It was fun to manipulate certain items and to try to make a song fit certain parts.  So now I have been converted from a hater to a, um, non-hater?  Is there a cool slang-term for that now-a-days?  Anyways, if you were like me and disliked Photo Story, but never created one, give it a try and see what happens!

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