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Using Linoit for Class Discussion

Awhile back I found a website from a fellow teacher that showed how her students were using Linoit in class for discussion.  I thought the concept and website was very interesting so I decided to give it a try.  I gave my students five websites that are chuck-full of games.  At first I think they thought I had gone crazy.  I never allow students on these sites and this came as a shock to them.  I allowed them to play some games for about 8 minutes and at that point I stopped them.  I informed them that they now had to explain to me why that game was educational.  It was a strech for some of these 7th grade minds but I got some great results.

After the posted their first ideas on Linoit, I told them they could have the rest of the hour to keep going but that I expected more ideas to be posted.  Below you will find the links to three of the class discussions.  I will update this post when some more of my classes meet on Tuesday.

Oh, for those of you wondering about Linoit it is a free and works using stickie notes.  You can open up the board for anyone to comment on thus eliminating the need for students to create accounts.  The three boards I have posted are now locked, but if anyones class would like to add to them, I would graciously reopen them!

Examples: 4th Hour A Day, 5th Hour A Day, 7th Hour A Day.

Websites the students commented on: PBS Kids, Funschool, FunBrain, PrimaryGames, and Cool Math Games

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