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NPMS Board Games


Recently two articles I have written were published in my School Districts newsletter.  Below is a two part series of the articles.  The second article I would like to share was titled “NPMS Board Games”



“B7” announces a student, while in a sad tone a fellow student replies, “you sunk my battleship.”  That is just one of a few conversations coming from the 7th grade Computers Class.  In the month of December students were given the task of recreating a favorite board game in Microsoft Excel.  Students had the difficult task of creating not only the game, but they had to put in writing the steps for someone else to recreate it. 

 The 7th graders investigated several of the classic board games before setting off on their assignment.  They looked at the history of games like Chutes and Ladders, Chess, Checkers, Sorry, and Trouble.  It was interesting to find out that many of these games had a history dating back to the 1600s and in the case of Checkers, 3000 BC!  After their investigation the students went through the arduous task of writing and often rewriting their instructions.  These instructions were tested by fellow students and sometimes scrutinized by ‘picky’ Mr. Cowen. 

 Once all the elements were completed students took their information and created a Glog about their game.  A Glog, or digital poster, is a Web 2.0 tool that allows students to easily create interactive websites.  Using these Glogs students were able to create websites that could be shared on the internet.  A wiki was established to house the links to the Glogs and can be found at http://npmsboardgames.pbworks.com.  Please feel free to browse the many games like Candy Land or Sorry, and for the adventurous check the Miscellaneous category and see the now famous Hockey board game.


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