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Edmodo, Making Paternity Leave Easy

Any day now I will have to disappear from my classroom to be with my wife as we welcome our second child, and for someone like me, the thought of leaving my classroom gives me great anxiety.  It is not that I do not trust my students, it is that many substitute teachers seem uncomfortable in Computers.  What has helped me greatly though is a free website I started using in my classroom everyday, Edmodo.  It has allowed me to post assignments, calendars, and daily assignment sheets online for students to access.  In fact, for the first time in possibly 5 years of teaching, I have all my lesson plans set for an entire month ahead of time!

When I explained to all the students that I would be gone for a bit, and showed them where to access all the information for the rest of the school year, they even seemed relieved.  I think they may have been more anxious to have me gone, then I was to leave them.  They enjoyed being able to view a calendar on Edmodo that outlined the entire month and showed them start dates for projects and due dates.  

If you have yet to try Edmodo in your classroom, I highly recommend you take some time and explore it.  It is very teacher friendly and student friendly.

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Recently I was teaching my 8th grade students how to create webpages using HTML.  This has proven in the past not to be the most exciting unit for students.  I decided this year to try and spruce it up using gaming in the classroom.  

I created three webpages and cut the HTML script up into 12 parts.  I divided the classroom into two groups and each individual received one line of script.  They then had to arrange themselves in the proper order to create a webpage.  I did not tell the students what the webpage was suppose to look like, so they had to discuss how a well designed page would be laid out.  

This proved very successful!  Students liked that they got to get up and move around (something that doesn’t happen often in a computers class).  Also, I found that students who normally weren’t very vocal, really stepped up during this assignment.  If you are interested in this project, please let me know and I can send the files to you that I used.


Video on Animoto:

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