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Need 1:1 Guidelines

The school I am currently at has gone to 1:1.  This year all students grades 6-12 will receive a netbook for use in school.  We are currently forming a procedure and guideline sheet for students.  Does anyone out there have something that has worked well for their school?

Currently we are thinking that students will store the netbooks in their last hour class for charging and pick them back up during morning passing time.  Students at this time will not be taking them home.  We did think of having a centralized storage area, but unsure who we would then staff the room 

For the guideline sheet we were trying to decide how to handle what happens if the netbook is damaged.  They did a pilot program last year with 100 netbooks and 5 of them were damaged, so the school board really wants something set in stone.  Personally, I am a one strike and you are out kind of guy, but I am up for suggestions.

Please feel free to share any ideas, comments, or forms that you may have.  Thank you in advance!

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Netbook Cases

I just recently took a job as a It Technician at a small school district in Northern Wisconsin. My first major assignment is to find 300 cases for a Toshiba netbook.

The school had done a pilot program of 100 and 5 had been broken. So board members were thinking of a hard case. Do any you have recommendations or creative ideas?

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