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Halloween Lesson Plan For Photoshop (grades 7-12)


As I was doing my nightly browsing, I came across a picture that got me thinking Halloween.  Below is a simple lesson plan that could be done in any Photoshop class.

Step 1: Have students watch an epsiode of Life After People by the History Channel. 

Step 2: Challenge students to take a photo and manipulate it to look like people have not been around for a long time.  This photo could be local city photos you provide, school photos, famous landmarks, etc.  It would be pretty cool, if time allowed for you to have students take pictures of their own homes.

  • Here is the picture that gave me this idea, original example, same as picture in this post.
  • HINT: Many students do have cellphones with camera capability.  You could have them take a picture of their house with their cellphones and then via a text message, have them email you the picture if cellphone use at school is not allowed.  All the student has to do is type your email address in the place they would normally type a phone number to send it too.

Step 3: At this point you could be done, but I like to have students show off their work.  You could use a website like Linoit to have student share their creations and expand upon them.  I did setup an example of what you can do on Linoit, Halloween Lesson Plan Linoit.

I hope this lesson plan finds you in time for Halloween, but it certainly could be used at any point during the year.  Have a great week everyone and a spooky Halloween!



Before and After Picture, semper_bibitur, http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/lnbto


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