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Random Tech Wednesday!

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment


All to often school administrators, teachers, staff, and tech folk forget to have fun.  To help combat this I decided to have a “Random Tech Wednesday.”  The school I am at has a half hour of built in PD time everyday, so I often get a chance to hold short training sessions throughout the year.  This past Wednesday I started hiding little pictures throughout the school, similiar to the image above.  On top of that I sent cryptic emails out to get staff excited about the tech training.  Sure enough it worked, in half a day I had all our staff buzzing and interested to find out what the training would be about. It was looking like I would have my best turn out ever for a tech training! Unfortunately we were hit by a huge snow storm and school was dismissed early.

I thought the training would be a lose and not occur because of this, but I was wrong. I was asked, and I note again, asked for the training to be made up! It seemed the mystry I created continued on in the minds of staff while they were at home enjoying the snow. I think we often forget that we ourselves are students and want to be wowed and surprised. We make our PD so strict and formal that no matter the topic, it is already a dud. So next time you present or are in charge of PD, add a little flare and have fun!

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