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Class Dojo


Did you know that according to Statisticbrain.com the #1 New Years Resolution this year was to lose weight? Did you also know that only 8% of people claim being successful with their resolutions? Well, to help you accomplish your resolutions, I prepped the dojo for you…the Class Dojo that is.

Class Dojo is a awesome free website to record student behavior, participation, group work, and more online. To help you understand the website, I created a short introduction to it:


If you need a personal trainer in the Dojo though, here are some more resources to help explain it:

*Class Dojo – Digital Classroom Management: http://www.edtechroundup.org/6/post/2013/07/class-dojo-digital-classroom-management.html
*What Works in Tech Tools: Spotlight on ClassDojo: http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2012/10/what-works-in-tech-tools-spotlight-on-classdojo/
*Class Dojo: http://emrefirat.edublogs.org/2012/12/18/classdojo/
*And for you Pinterest fans – http://www.pinterest.com/mishkatel/class-dojo/

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