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Project Ideas

I have been pretty busy this past month training teachers and staff on Microsoft Office 2010 and coaching football.  It has been hard to get many of my ideas ready for the upcoming school year but at least I still have a few weeks before school begins.  Two new projects I want to add this year are Infographics and Light Painting.

The Internet

Both of these projects would be great ways to incorporate new ways of using computers in the classroom.  The infographics would be great for any school subject.  They have endless possibilities and potentional.  Also, I think it would force students to think outside the box to present their information.  They would not just be creating the default boring charts and graphs found in Excel. 

Light Write Batman

Light Painting will prove to be a tricky project.  I have been trying to read up on light painting tutorials as much as I can, but I am still slightly confused about the process.  It would be nice to find a video showing someone creating one of these images.