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First blog from Droid X

November 11, 2010 1 comment

Just found out that there was a WordPress app for Android.  So right now this blog is being created using said app.  It is amazing how much my smartphone has changed the way I do things.  I finally made the jump from a regular cell phone to the Droid X in August.  Since then I hardly ever turn on my desktop. 

The biggest effect it has probably has had is in my communication.  After looking at my last cell phone bill I found I only used 42 minutes of talk time.  This was a drop of almost 150 minutes!  One would think I have shunned society, but looking at my text and data usage, I have done.the complete opposite.  I sent about an additional 200 texts and increased my usage of Facebook and Twitter.  Using this phone I feel more up-to-date than ever.  Having the power to access the internet at any second is very impowering!

Well, my thumbs are starting to get sore so it is time to cut my rant short.  Let me know how smartphones have changed your life and apps you can not live without.

1st Quarter….Check

November 9, 2010 4 comments

1st quarter of the school year is on the books and three left to go!  It was a busy quarter in many ways.  I implemented some new policies, introduced students to Edmodo, gutted and redid my school homepage, became more active on Twitter, and managing the middle school yearbook club.

Somethings went smoothly and others were a tad bumpy.  Edmodo has been a interesting twist in my classroom.  Not only has it replaced email, but has actually made me get organized!  I post my lesson plans everyday for students to see, I use it for collecting homework, and sharing files/links.  It has really changed the way I do my class.  Recently I was honored to teach other teachers how to use Edmodo at our last district in-service.  You can see an example of what I taught teachers by following this link:  It was a pretty successful in-service and many teachers are now interested in Edmodo.

On the bumpy side my homepage revisions have not been as smooth.  I am a little happy with some new additions and changes, but I do not stay on-top of it enough.  The time I should be spending on it has been used tweaking Edmodo.  I am sure there is a way I can integrate the two, but there is just not enough time in the day.  One other problem is I do not have a way to monitor page views/visits right now.  Since the page is hosted through the school, I do not have access to the information.  Also, to view my page a person has to go through a complicated process, which I feel hinders parents visiting it.  Sometime in December I will  do a survey and see how much of an impact the website and/or Edmodo has.